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Industrial Hose / skirtboard

Jason Industrial Inc. stocks and sells industrial rubber hose, Industrial Thermoplastic, TPR and PU in North America, South America, Mexico and the U.K. We also offer additional sales services for rubber and thermoplastic hoses. All hose items are manufactured to the respective RMA, DIN, EN and SAE specifications to ensure the required hose performance.


  • Long Lengths
  • Hose for Special Applications
  • Fast Delivery

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Industrial Hose / Hydraulic Hose
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Thermoplastic Hose Offerings

Air Hose

Air HoseToday's Air Hoses are formulated from Rubber, Industrial Thermoplastic, TPR and PU to handle a variety of applications. Usually rated according to working pressure, available ID's range from 1/4" thru 4". Some assemblies are available.


  • General services air & water
  • Mild chemical applications
  • Medium grade fuels for construction, shipyards, mining, and agriculture
  • Pneumatically engage/disengage remote controls on sandblast machines.
  • Heavy duty air supply for mining, quarries, construction, industrial air placement, sandblasting and heavy equipment rental.
  • Heavy duty application where high temperate is required.
  • Medium to High Pressure

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Chemical Hose

Chemical HoseAlways consult the chemical resistance chart for the suitability of any chemical to the hose tube. It is advisable to test the hose tube prior to any application where dangerous products are concerned. Tube compounds of XLPE and or UHMWPE will handle most chemicals but it is important to check first.


  • XLPE
  • Cross-Linked Polyethylene
  • Ultra-High Molecular Weight Polyethylene
  • Transferring solvents
  • Transferring chemicals and acids

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Food and Beverage Hose

Food and Beverage HoseAll food and beverage hoses are made to required FDA standards. Hoses are stocked for liquids, oils and abrasives and are available in Industrial Thermoplastic and applicable rubber compounds.


  • Pure White Rubber Tubes
  • Crystal Clear Industrial Thermoplastic FDA and 3-A Standards
  • For suction, pneumatic or gravity transfer of flour, sugar, syrup, or edible grains.
  • For liquid food products, including oily edibles, milk and beer.
  • Food and beverage dispensing, potable water, air breathing lines, lube lines and other visual flow applications.

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Material Handling Hose

Material Handling HoseMaterial handling covers a wide variety of hose with abrasive resistant tubes. Applications include sandblasting, concrete placement, transport, lawn and leaf clean up and gunite.


  • Heavy Duty Tubes
  • 2 Ply Sandblast
  • 4 Ply Sandblast
  • Reduced OD Sandblast
  • For suction, discharge or gravity flow of abrasives from manufacturing, sandblast recovery, mineral processing power plants and spill recovery.
  • Conveying hot air from blower to tank on bulk transport trucks.
  • Pneumatic discharge of dry powders, dry cement or other dry materials.
  • For applications using plaster, concrete and grout for dams, tunnels, swimming pools, etc.
  • Conveying sand and cement to a mixing gun.
  • Conveying highly abrasive materials in sandblasting/cleaning and general maintenance in construction, shipywards, power plants, steel mills, refineries, and equipment rental.
  • View additional information on Material Handling Hose in our catalog.

Petroleum and Oilfield Hose

Petroleum and Oilfield HoseTheses hoses are designed mostly to transport crude oil or refined petroleum products with some handling extreme cold weather flexibility. Others are used for dispensing from drums or storage tanks and can be used with bio-diesel fuels.


  • Low Temp Compounds Available
  • Corrugated Covers
  • Channeled Covers
  • For suction or discharge of petroleum-based products in truck and car operations.
  • For transfer of gasoline in gravity flow or pressure applications.
  • For suction and discharge of bio-diesel fuel and ethanol.
  • For oil return lines of hydraulic systems in industrial and agricultural applications.
  • Handles crude oil, salt and fresh water, tank bottoms and diesel fuels.

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Spray Hose

Spray HoseThese hoses are designed for dust control in underground mining.


  • For dust control in underground water spray operations

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Steam Hose

Steam HoseRated for intermittent temperatures up to 450 F/ 232 C for saturated steam at 250 PSI. It is recommended that all steam hose be drained after use.


  • Temp to 450 F - 232 C
  • Pin Pricked Covers
  • For conveying steam in chemical/petroleum, food, lumber, pulp and processing industries.
  • For use in severe environmental conditions, such as refineries, chemical plants and shipyards to convey steam.

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Water Hose

These hoses are designed for water service in washdown, irrigation, drain & suction, and discharge applications and include high pressure spray and water blast systems. Some assemblies are available.


  • Coupled DJ Mill Hose
  • Rubber Hose ID Sizes to 14"
  • For suction, discharge or gravity flow of water in construction, mining, oil exploration, agriculture, quarries and equipment rental.
  • For suction hydrofracking. Recycling or disposal of flowback water.
  • Conveys cooling water to furnace doors in steel mills, glass plants and similar operations.
  • General purpose discharge in construction, agriculture and drip irrigation.
  • Used in general dewatering, pump discharge and draining.
  • Suction, discharge or gravity flow of salt water and mild diluated acids in construction, agriculture, mining and equipment rental.
  • Municipal washdown or hydrant-to-truck water supply line. Used for ship/deck washdown or fire brigade ship service.
  • For use in underground mining fire hose applications.

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Skirtboard Rubber

Skirtboard RubberAbrasion and weather resistant for tough applications in all types of environments. Featuring 1,000 lb. tensile strength and 300% elongation in hardness of 55 - 60 durometer in gauge 1/4", 3/8", 1/2", 3/4", and 1". Supplied in 50-ft. rolls, 4 inches to 12 inches wide. Also available in full slabs (48 inches wide x 50-ft. roll).

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  Water Hose

Water Hose


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