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Power Transmission Belts

From synchronous to vee multi-rib to flat to banded v-belts, we offer the nation's largest and most complete stock of power transmission belts for every need, whether standard or metric. We also maintain an extensive stock of belt sleeves to meet customized specifications, including one-piece banded v-belts to make up any number of ribs. Non-stock widths of synchronous and/or multi-rib flat belts are cut and shipped the same day - an exclusive Jason Industrial Inc. service. Our Accu-Link adjustable v-belt is the ideal temporary replacement belt to keep your critical drives running. We stock many specialty belts and a full line of lawn & garden belts, along with a complete line of v-belt sheaves, synchronous pulleys and bushings.

View additional information on Power Transmission Belts in our interactive catalog.

View additional information on Power Transmission Belts in our brochure.

Neoprene Synchronous

Neoprene SynchronousHTB timing belts are oil, heat, and abrasion-resistant. The standard trapezoidal tooth timing belt design performs poorly in high torque applications and high power drives at lower speeds. To overcome this disadvantage the High Torque Belt (HTB) was developed using a more efficient tooth profile.

Stock timing belts have fiberglass tension members, neoprene body with nylon covered teeth, all bonded together for maximum strength. For non-stock widths, Jason cuts specified widths from our large supply of timing belt sleeves on special order. Mini-pitch MXL (.080-inch pitch) timing belts are also available.

Open-end belting Neoprene, fiberglass reinforced for positioning, metering, and open-close applications. Open end timing belting is specified by an "L" for long length, the belt pitch letters and the width code. i.e. L8M-20 Length is specified in feet. Spliced belts available on special order. Special constructions and backings also available.

Dual timing belts. Neoprene fiberglass reinforced, Dual belts afford power transmission from either side of the belt and are often used in reversing and serpentine applications. They are specified the same way as timing belts except with a "D" prefix. For example: D240H100. Special widths are cut to order from our sleeve stock for fast delivery.


  • Higher torque transmission at low speeds
  • High power transmission over a wide speed range
  • Improved meshing to reduce tooth jump
  • Higher resistance to tooth shear
  • Less tooth wear due to friction

View additional information on Neoprene Synchronous Belts in our interactive catalog.


PlatinumPLATINUM is an ultra-high performance, rubber-based synchronous belt. "Dual Core" Hybrid Tensile Cord Technology, combined with a nitrile-based HNBR compound body, results in a product capable of handling the most demanding high-power, high-torque drives. Designed to replace drives using roller chains and gears, and as an alternative to Poly Chain®, PLATINUM permits a high-power capacity drive with excellent dimensional stability and a fully-functional interchange with all of the most common deep pulley tooth profile systems currently in use. With PLATINUM, Jason/Megadyne introduces a revolutionary new "RPC" belt tooth profile. An evolution of the industry standard RPP, the new "RPC" belt tooth profile is fully interchangeable with HTD®, RPP® and Poly Chain® pulley tooth profiles. The RPC belt tooth profile allows existing drive systems (RPP®, HTD®, PCGT® and PowerGrip® GT® 2) to be upgraded without replacing the pulleys. PLATINUM is a true "drop-in" replacement on all commonly used pulley profiles

View additional information on PLATINUM – THE NEXT GENERATION SYNCHRONOUS BELT - 8M, 14M Curvlinear RPC Tooth Profile in our brochure.

RPP GOLD SYNCHRONOUS BELTS - 8M, 14M Curvlinear Tooth Profile

Megadyne RPP GoldThe Isoran® RPP Gold is the result of Jason/Megadyne's continued focus on developing high-performance drive systems to obtain new application opportunities against alternative systems such as gears and chain. Our systems take advantage of belt features such as lower weight, quieter running and reduced maintenance costs. The Isoran® RPP Gold belt system can be used in a virtually limitless range of industrial applications where a high-torque synchronous drive is required.

View additional information on RPP GOLD SYNCHRONOUS BELTS - 8M, 14M Curvlinear Tooth Profile in our brochure.

RPP SILVER SYNCHRONOUS BELTS - 8M, 14M Curvlinear Tooth Profile

Megadyne RPP SilverThe Isoran® RPP Silver Synchronous Belt is constructed with the highest quality materials. The bonded strength of all components guarantees superior torque capacity. The new materials join forces to achieve the highest standard of quality and performance in the industry.

View additional information on RRPP SILVER SYNCHRONOUS BELTS - 8M, 14M Curvlinear Tooth Profile in our brochure.

Tiger ® High Horsepower

Tiger High HorsepowerJason developed the Tiger Belt to extend the synchronous belt application range. Special aramid reinforced compounds along with improved tooth facing and tensile members provide the muscle for the increased horsepower ratings of the Tiger High Horsepower Synchronous Belt - up to three times that of our standard HTB belts! Tiger run in HTB or RPP pulleys. Select an HTB/HTD width for longer life in your current pulleys* or a RPP Panther or QT Powerchain width for high horsepower applications. Jason performance testing has shown the Tiger Belt to outlast competitive premium synchronous belt products.

*Always verify HP ratings for pulleys and bushings before applying increased loads.

View additional information on Tiger ® High Horsepower in our interactive catalog.


UrethaneUrethane timing belts, metric urethane steel cable construction. Oil, heat and abrasion-resistant. Metric timing belts are available in 5mm and 10mm pitch. They have steel tension members bonded to a urethane body. They are especially useful for chemically resistant operating requirements and for clean environments. For non-stock widths, Jason can cut specified widths from our supply of metric timing belt sleeves on special order. Maximum width is 300mm. Metric timing belts are specified by belt width in millimeters, belt pitch, letter-number and pitch length in millimeters. For example: 20T10/900.

View additional information on Urethane Belts in our interactive catalog.

Vee Belts & Belting

Vee Belts & BeltingFractional HorsePower (FHP) V-Belts and UniMatch V-belts are oil, heat-resistant, and static dissipating. UniMatch cogged raw edge multiple V-belts are oil, heat-resistant, and static dissipating. RMA spec multiple V-belts in a raw edge, cogged construction are especially useful for high speed, compact drives. These belts all have the UniMatch feature (see introduction). Raw edge, cogged multiple V-belts are listed by industry number in which the first letter indicates belt section, the X is a cogged construction and the number is belt inside length in inches. Also see our line of MXV™ Super Duty Lawn & Garden Belts.

View additional information on Vee Belts & Belting in our interactive catalog.

View additional information on Vee Belts & Belting in our brochure.

Deep Wedge Cog Banded V-Belts

Deep Wedge Cog Banded V-BeltsDeep wedge, molded cog banded V-belts are now available from Jason Industrial! Supported by a durable tie band, these belts are cut-to-width from a sleeve inventory maintained for your ordering flexibility. Banded belts are ideal for replacing multiple V-belt drives in the most difficult power transmission applications.


  • 100" available up to 70 ribs wide. Over 100" available up to 5 ribs wide.

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Accu-Link Adjustable V-belts

Accu-Link Adjustable V-beltsJason's Accu-Link adjustable v-belt is the ideal temporary replacement or permanent substitute for conventional rubber v-belts. Made from a urethane elastomer reinforced with a rugged polyester fabric, Accu-Link maintains precise tension, delivers maximum power on multiple-belt drives and operates at the same horsepower ratings as rubber belts. Through an exclusive Jason manufacturing process, custom special profiles can be achieved without hard tooling. Easy to assemble and install, Accu-Link is available in standard 3L, 3/8", A 1/2", B 5/8", and C 7/8" cross sections or custom sizes to 25' and 100' lengths. Accu-Link is available in shorter sleeved lengths, as well.

View additional information on Accu-Link Adjustable V-belts in our interactive catalog.

Pulleys, Sheaves, & Bushings

Pulleys, Sheaves, & BushingsJason Industrial offers pulleys and multi-groove sheaves for light duty, conventional and high-capacity applications. Our line includes light and heavy duty sheaves for HVAC and industrial applications. Jason's high quality sheaves are individually packaged and sealed.
Our line of synchronous pulleys and bushings includes hard-to-find metric pulleys. Quotes for made-to-order items are processed quickly and efficiently.

View additional information on Pulleys, Sheaves, & Bushings in our brochure.

Flexonic ® Belt Drives

Flexonic ® Belt DrivesUnique construction, made to fit your application. This belt drive problem solver is:

  • Self-tensioning, eliminating need for all tension devices
  • Rapid stabilization of tension, within few minutes of running
  • Utilizes same pulleys as standard Poly-V belt
  • Acts as damper absorbing vibration
  • Responds to extreme torque by slipping, then resuming when torque normalized
  • Easy to install in production and service environments

Contact us for more information on designing a Flexonic drive for you.

Applications include: floor care, food processing, exercise equipment, gardening equipment, power tools, and many more!

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