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Urethane Power Transmission Belts

Jason Industrial Inc.'s urethane power transmission belts are made of wear-resistant polyurethane specially formulated for synchronous belt applications. All our urethane belts are embedded with tough steel tensile cords for chemical resistance, dimensional stability and cleanliness of operations. Open end belting is available with special backings, and also with a nylon facing wear surface on either or both sides. Our urethane belts offer:


  • UV, ozone, hydrolysis, oil, grease and gasoline resistant
  • Good resistance to acids
  • Temperature ranges between -30 degrees C to 85 degrees C
  • Weldable to other thermoplastics

View additional information on Urethane Power Transmission Belts in our brochure.

Urethane Power Transmission Belts

Uniflex Belts

Uniflex BeltsManufactured in urethane with continuous helically wound steel cable cords, Jason's Uniflex belts are ideal for situations where high stress and load demands exceed the performance capacity of spliced belts or where the "tooling cost" of long length or non-standard endless belts are prohibitive. Truly endless and any length, Uniflex timing belts are suitable for all power transmission, high speed and sever conveying applications.

Jason urethane belts can be made up with a variety of welded-on profiles to handle your specific applications. These profiles can be used as indexers, actuators, carriers, or pushers. They can provide accuracy in assembly, packaging and inserting operations. Custom profile designs are possible. Jason Uniflex belts are available from 1500 to 13,000 MM lengths and a maximum width of 150 MM.

  • Uniflex Special Constructions
    • High flex steel cord
    • Nylon fabric on the teeth (PAZ)
    • Special back machining
  • Special backings available in:
    • PU 85 ShA
    • Linatex 40 ShA
    • Neoprene Rubber 70 ShA
    • Yellow PU 60 ShA
    • Grey PU 60 ShA

View additional information on Uniflex Belts in our brochure.

Open End Belts

Open End BeltsIdeal for linear drive and indexing applications, Jason's urethane open end belts are available in a variety of sizes, pitches and colors to meet all specifications. Belt styles include steel or Kevlar reinforcement, as well as high load (HP) and high flexibility (HPF). Belts can be spliced to specified lengths. Nylon fabric (PAR) is available on backside for low friction transport, as are high abrasion resistance and FDA-approved polyurethane backings. Nylon fabric (PAZ) is also available on the tooth side for low friction and noise reduction. Standard and non-standard widths available in pitch XL, L, H, XH, T5, AT5, T10, AT10, T20, AT20, 5MM, 8MM, and 14MM.

View additional information on Open End Belts in our brochure.

Polyurethane Timing Belts

Polyurethane Timing BeltsFor power transmission and linear positioning, Jason Industrial's polyurethane timing belts are designed for strength, ease of use and minimum maintenance. Polyurethane timing belts are available in all popular standard and metric pitches. Dual-sided belts are available in T5 and T10 pitches. We stock 300mm sleeves and can provide any required width from stock. Kevlar tensile cord can be substituted for steel on special orders.


MegaBlue Food Grade Positive Drive BeltsMegablue is specifically created to give a good alternative to the classical plastic modular belt for the food processing industry. With its smooth surface, Megablue guarantees superior hygiene levels and, at the same time, works like a positive drive modular plastic belt. Thanks to the tooth shape and pitch, Megablue works with the same sprockets of modular plastic belts and is a good alternative where an extreme cleanability is needed. This belt helps saving water and time usually dedicated to the cleansing of a classical modular plastic belt. Megablue is FDA/USDA/USDA Dairy Approved and is also the ideal combination of the benefits of a classical smooth conveyor with the mechanical and chemical advantages of a plastic modular belt.

View additional information on Megablue Food Grade Positive Drive Belts in our brochure.

Timing Pulleys

Timing PulleysJason supplies complete drives, including metric pulleys and clamping belt plates made to standard and custom specifications. Available in aluminum or steel, Jason's pulleys are manufactured to precise tolerances to assure a perfect fit between belt and pulley. Available in all standard pitches.

Vee and Round Urethane Belting

Vee and Round Urethane BeltingA wide variety of industries, including the food processing, packaging, ceramic, and textile industries, rely on vee and round urethane belting to solve all types of conveying problems. Made of a polymer compound that provides high strength, oil, chemical and abrasion resistance, vee and round urethane belts are available in a range of sizes, hardness, and friction coefficients to meet every application requirement. Most are FDA/USDA approved. Vee and round urethane belting can be easily field spliced to minimize process downtime during belt replacement. Inexpensive tool kits are available from Jason. We can also provide special profiles for OEM applications including Ridgetop, Supergrip, Dual and other custom designs.

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