12 Series Hydraulic Couplings

Jason offers our 12 Series couplings in a very broad range of sizes and connector options for use on Jason hydraulic hoses with either one or two wire braids of reinforcement in sizes from 04 through 32.  The one-piece coupling is design-matched and validated for these Jason hoses and offers “non-skive/over the cover/bite the wire attachment.  Additionally, the couplings utilize many cold-formed components and are precision machined to provide maximum performance and consistent quality.  All utilize full crimp crimping with two grooves marking to make it easier to assemble and identify the coupling.  This Jason series, as well as the following series, are well protected from corrosion by use of REACH compliant coatings that greatly exceed SAE standards for red rust corrosion. See our online catalog for addition information on 12 series couplings.

40 Series Hydraulic Couplings

Jason’s 40 Series couplings extend the same features and benefits of the 12-Series but are designed to work with Jason’s 4 spiral 100R12 hoses in size 06 through 32. Also, like the 12 Series cold forming is employed to offer the strongest, most reliable performance and durability. All are marked with four grooves on the ferrule to ease selection when crimping 100R12 hose.

60 Series Hydraulic Couplings

Jason’s 60 Series couplings are designed for Jason’s 4 and 6 spiral extreme pressure hoses. These couplings are also full crimp and non-skive with six grooves to provide the highly visible distinct identity from the 12 and 40 Series. Connector ends are offered in many options including SAE Code 62 and versions for Caterpillar flange replacement.