Hydraulic hose fittings, also known to many as hydraulic “hose couplings”, provide the attachment to the hoses and to other fittings or directly to components such as cylinders or pumps. High-quality hose fittings create secure, leak-free connections that keep fluid flowing properly while maximizing the performance and durability of the hose itself at the attached ends. Depending on their design, they can play varied roles in the construction and control of hydraulic systems, such as:

  • Providing suitable routing of the pressurized hydraulic fluid from pump to valves and functional elements such as cylinders and motors.
  • Providing a return route to the tank and intake side of the pumping unit.
  • Minimizing flow losses along the route through appropriate sizing of the hose and the fitting connections.
  • Providing best suited end connections for optimizing leak-free performance.

The different types of hydraulic hose fittings perform these functions uniquely, depending on their design. Many hydraulic couplings have threaded connector ends where the sealing occurs at the thread itself (NPTF is a good example), while others utilize metal to metal seats (JIC is a good example), or employ elastomeric seals in conjunction with other mechanical means of attachment (such as flange heads or o-ring face seals).

Hydraulic Hose Fitting Types

Hydraulic fittings are often categorized by their shape and/or their sealing mechanism. O-ring face seal (ORFS) fittings, for instance, are identifiable by their use of built-in o-rings to create the most reliable, leak-free seals on sizes up to -24. On an ORFS fitting, the flat face of the female component compresses with threads in engagement against the o-ring on the threaded male component face. When mated, the o-ring is trapped in a groove to create a tight connection that resists leaks under high-pressure, high-impact conditions. Hose ends are available in straight fittings, and in general, elbow versions of flanges and females to allow correct attachment and routing in the hydraulic system.

FAQs About Hydraulic Fittings & Couplings

What Does the Abbreviation SAE Mean?
The Society of Automotive Engineers, or SAE, is a non-profit industry group that creates and administers global standards for automotive parts, among others. Hydraulic hose fittings sold as SAE comply with the standards set by this organization. Jason products are made to conform to these and other appropriate standards to assure proper fit and performance.
How Do You Install Hydraulic Hose Fittings on to the Hose?
Hydraulic hose fittings are easy to install, but care must be taken to provide proper performance. First, mark the hose with the appropriate full insertion depth based on the particular Jason fitting, and then insert the hose into the fitting. The specified hose fitting must be properly crimped on the recommended Jason hydraulic hose as per our posted specifications (see Jason’s MyCrimp app or from available Jason website data). Connection of the hose assembly to the mating connection port must be done according to recommended practice. This is true for all types of connections. Using the appropriate technique and torque on many types of connections is critical to performance. Some connectors can be easily damaged if not properly installed.
How Do You Seal Hydraulic Hose Fittings?
Hydraulic hose fittings are designed and tested so that by properly installing them onto a hose is sufficient to seal the attachment to the specified hoses. Follow the general instructions above or refer to Jason’s hydraulic product guide and the crimp specifications shown on the Jason website. The connector ends on the ends are designed to meet or exceed the specific industry ratings for each end type. On pipe thread end connections, proper use of thread sealant is highly recommended to assure best performance.

Hydraulic Hose Fittings (Couplings) From Jason Industrial

Jason Industrial offers a full line of hydraulic hose fittings to complement our hose products. We use a range of precision engineering and cold-forming techniques to create durable components with lasting performance. As a result, our hose fittings are strong, reliable, and durable in the rated applications most commonly seen in the marketplace. We currently offer three series of “bite the wire” couplings for use on wire reinforced hoses. These are the 12 Series, the 40 Series, and the 60 Series and are crimped with full die contact to simplify alignment in the crimpers.

12 Series Hydraulic Couplings

12 Series Hydraulic Couplings

Jason’s 12 Series of cold-formed, one-piece couplings are design-matched for Jason Industrial hoses of sizes 04 through 32 with one or two reinforcement wire braids. The design of these components produces superior performance and quality, offering a non-skive, over-the-cover attachment mechanism. Its two groove markings on the tail of the ferrule allow for easy assembly and coupling identification, with full crimping for optimal seal quality. They also feature corrosion-resistant coatings that are REACH compliant and surpass SAE specifications for red rust corrosion as do all of these three series of couplings we offer.

40 Series Hydraulic Couplings

40 Series Hydraulic Couplings

40 Series couplings are similar to the 12 Series in that they are both cold-formed as well as coated with REACH-compliant protection. The 40 Series, however, is compatible with Jason’s 4 spiral 100R12 hoses of sizes 06 through 32 and has four groove markings. With the introduction of Jason’s new smaller sizes of 5152, the 06 through 10 sizes will also use these 40 Series couplings rather than needing to add an additional series while providing proper performance and durability. These strong and durable fittings are easy to install, featuring four grooves to simplify crimping.

60 Series Hydraulic Couplings

60 Series Hydraulic Couplings

60 Series couplings are the most rugged we offer, designed for use with Jason’s 4 and 6 spiral extreme pressure hoses. These full-crimp, non-skive fittings feature six grooves on the ferrule compared to two for the 12 Series and four for the 40 Series. A variety of connector ends are available to suit diverse systems, including options for Caterpillar flange replacement and SAE Code 62 compliance.

Partner With Jason Industrial

Jason Industrial has been a trusted name in hydraulics and power transmission since 1958. Today, we leverage cutting-edge manufacturing techniques to create components that align with the most stringent industry guidelines. As the Hose Division of AMMEGA, we offer hydraulic and industrial hoses, couplings, and accessories to our customers in North, Central, and South America.

Whatever your hydraulic system needs, Jason offers a fitting that can simplify installation and enhance long-term performance. To learn more about hydraulic fittings and couplings, contact us or request a quote today.