Jason Industrial’s Dreamshield™ Cover material is a new, higher abrasion resistance rubber cover for the most popular hydraulic hoses in our lineup.

  • In testing, it offers six to eight times more abrasion resistance as compared to standard rubber covers without impacting flexibility.
  • Dreamshield is MSHA listed for flame resistance and labeled as MSHA IC-304A.
  • The Dreamshield Cover has the same visual appearance as a standard cover besides the layline indication.
  • Standard Jason couplings, JB12 (for 5192), JB40 (for 5122) and JB60 (for both 5132 and 5152), may be used with these hoses using existing Jason crimper tooling.
  • 5192 has a temperature range of-40°F (-40°C) to +212°F (+100°C) and -40°F (-40°C) to +250°F (+120°C) for 5122, 5132, and 5152.