Jason Industrial offers a diverse range of both thermoplastic and rubber hoses for use in a variety of food-related transfer applications.

Thermoplastic Hoses

All food related hoses meet strict FDA, USDA, and 3-A sanitary standards. They are also full vacuum (with the exception of the 4511 Series).

Thermoplastic hoses are often used for:

  • heavy duty food grade material handling
  • abrasive suction and transfer
  • transferring food grade liquids such as juices, wine, beer, and potable water
  • handling food paste, syrup, deionized water, breathing lines, and other visual flow applications

Offering superb ease of use, our 30 Series hoses feature a “Go-Glide,” easy-to-drag, external clockwise PVC helix. Alternatively, the 3000 and 3012 Series both have embedded ground wires.

Rubber Hoses

For more heavy-duty food transfer applications, rubber hoses offer a reliable alternative to thermoplastic options. Handling the suction and discharge of liquid food products (including oily edibles and beer), and edible grains (such as flour and sugar), Jason rubber hoses are compliant with all FDA food-grade standards. Each of the rubber hose series has a helical wire reinforcement that allows the hose to be grounded.

With a broad selection of hoses in stock, Jason Industrial by Megadyne offers:

  • Polyurethane FDA USDA materials Handling Hoses: Optimal for heavy duty food grade material handling, railcar unloading, abrasive suction and transfer
  • HD PVC USA 3-A Liquid Food Suction Hoses: Best used for transfer of food-grade liquids, such as juices, wine, beer and potable water and dairy products. Also well-equipped for use in food handling, heavy-duty suction or discharge applications, and processing wine, beer, food, paste, dairy, and syrup.
  • FDA Braided PVC Hoses: Designed for food and beverage dispensing, potable water, air, breathing lines, packaging and equipment, lube lines, and other visual flow applications.
  • FDA Spring Wire PVC Hoses: Best used for food and beverage, dispensing air, water, coolant, car wash, deionized water systems, and other clear flow applications.
  • FDA Bulk Food Suction Hose with white nitrile tube: Optimal for suction, pneumatic, or gravity transfer of flour, sugar, syrup, or edible grains.
  • FDA Liquid Food Suction Hose with white nitrile tube: Designed for use in suction and discharge of liquid food products, namely oily edibles and beer.