Jason Industrial offers a complete line of belts for the HVAC/R and appliance aftermarket. Our product line allows you to match the Jason belt to the OEM specified belt with proven performance and life. From cooling towers and rooftop units to clothes washers & dryers Jason has the right belt for you.

Classical & FHP Belts

Multi-Plus dual branded belts allow both our distributors and end users to consolidate their existing classical and FHP belt sizes into a single belt for both drive applications. The FHP & classical belts have the same top dimension. The heavy duty classical however is deeper, which inserts further into the sheave, providing better horsepower transfer and reduced sheave wear on FHP applications. Our dual branding eliminates confusion and readily supplies the cross-reference for both the FHP & classical sizes.

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Cogged Belts

Jason by Megadyne offers an extensive line of cogged belts for the HVAC/R markets. Cogged belts offer better performance on smaller diameter sheaves. In addition, our “VX” deep wedged cogged are becoming more popular with many HVAC/R OEM applications.

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Accu-Link Adjustable V-Belts

Jason by Megadyne’s Accu-Link adjustable v-belt is the ideal temporary replacement or permanent substitute for conventional rubber v-belts. Made from a urethane elastomer reinforced with a rugged polyester fabric, Accu-Link maintains precise tension, delivers maximum power on multiple-belt drives and operates at the same horsepower ratings as rubber belts. Via an exclusive Jason manufacturing process, custom special profiles can be achieved without hard tooling. Easy to assemble and install, Accu-Link is available in standard 3L, 3/8″, A 1/2″, B 5/8″, and C 7/8″ cross sections or custom sizes to 25′ and 100′ lengths. Accu-Link is available in shorter sleeved lengths, as well.

Accu-Link Belts provide the following advatages for the HVAC market

  • Allow for increased service calls per day
  • Less vibration and noise
  • Reduction of installation cost

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Pulleys & Sheaves

Jason Industrial, manufacturer of quality industrial belts introduces a new line of cast iron sheaves and bushings. Available in light and heavy duty for HVAC and industrial applications. Jason’s high-quality sheaves are individually packaged and sealed. Jason, a name for belts, sheaves and more!

At Jason Industrial, we offer Power Transmission belts designed for HVAC/R applications. Our portfolio of belt types and sizes allows Jason Industrial to match the OEM belt with similar or improved performance and lifespan. When you select one of our products, you’re making a purchase that will stand the test of time.

As a member of Blue Hawk and NAFA we understand the industries needs and, we know what it takes to deliver high-quality, reliable parts to our clients. In addition to our reliable product quality, we’ve worked aggressively to implement supply chain and ordering processes that lower end costs. Our strategically located distribution centers have the inventory required to support your needs when time is of the essence. Together with our partners, the team at Jason Industrial has built a brand centered on quality, trustworthiness, speed, response and ease of doing business.

Belts for HVAC Applications

Jason Industrial offers a comprehensive range of belts for HVAC systems. Our selections include:

Multi-Plus A, B, C, D, and E

Our Multi-Plus V-Belts have been specifically engineered to perform in tandem in multiple V-Belt drives. This means that you can count on precision length tolerances and power transmission capability for maximum efficiency and belt performance.

We offer Multi-Plus V-Belts in a complete range of sizes. These products resist heat, oil, and static, and they’re designed to meet or exceed ARPM requirements.

Cogged Raw-Edge AX, BX, and CX

Our Raw-Edge V-Belts feature a cogged, raw edge construction, making them ideal for torque drives. Each Cogged Raw-Edge belt comes with UniMatch features, which ensure that the belt length matches the end application on drives that call for multiple belts.

Cogged Raw-Edge V-belts are designated by a letter, which indicates the belt cross section and an “X” (3VX, 5VX) which signifies the cogged, raw-edge construction that affords these belts a greater power capacity than standard wrapped v-belts.

Fractional Horsepower 3L Section

Fractional Horsepower (also known as FHP) V-Belts are specially designed to suit the needs of industrial applications, such as HVAC equipment, appliances, outdoor power equipment, and more. They work best when used individually on drives of 1 horsepower or less.

Deep Wedge 3V, 5V, and 8V

These belts offer deeper, narrower cross-sections than classical V-Belts. This translates to a higher power capability and more efficient load-carrying characteristics. These belts are often used in small, compact drives.

Our Deep Wedge belts feature UniMatch construction to eliminate the need for belt set matching. They are identified by a number and a letter. The initial number and letter (3V,5V,8V) specify their belt cross section. A larger number after (i.e., 250) provides the outside length in inches multiplied by ten.

Cogged Raw-Edge Deep Wedge 3VX and 5VX

The high capacity power transmission of Deep Wedge V-Belts is further enhanced by UniMatch Cogged Raw-Edge construction. These belts are effective at limiting slippage and like all UniMatch belts, do not require belt set matching. They’re identified by a number and two letters (3VX, 5VX), which indicate belt cross section and cogged, raw edge construction.

Banded Classical RB, RC, and RD

These banded V-Belts feature UniMatch construction and the same premier construction as our single V-Belt. We bond them together with a fabric–neoprene top band, and they see frequent use on vertical shafts where they minimize whip, belt turnover and vibration due to their bonded construction. Lengths of up to 600” are available in the B and C sections by special order.

Accu-Link 3L, A, B, C, and CC

Accu-Link belts are an alternative to conventional rubber belts. We design them to be virtually endless with just one twist. Open lengths of these belts can easily be wrapped around pulleys for quick belt replacement. These belts are constructed using a high-strength polyester fabric in a link design, which results in high tensile strength, low noise and suppressed belt vibration.

For more information about using Accu-Link belts in the HVAC industry, read our Accu-Link – Adjustable Link V-Belts for HVAC e-book.

Banded Deep Wedge Cog R3VX and R5VX

Featuring the same premium construction that our individual Cogged Raw-Edge belts are known for, R3VX and R5VX banded belts are often used on vertical shafts and other high horsepower applications that seek to minimize belt whip, turnover and vibration. We bond them together with a strong fabric–neoprene top band.

Banded Deep Wedge R3V, R5V, and R8V

Our Banded Deep Wedge V-Belts feature the same construction as their individual wrapped v-belt counterparts. Bonded through the use of strong fabric–neoprene top bands, these belts are commonly used in scenarios that call for the reduction of belt whipping, vibration, and turnover.

Isoran Platinum Timing Belts

Our Isoran Platinum timing belts are the most efficient belt solution for the HVAC industry. Manufactured with extreme dimensional stability under static and dynamic tension, coupled with a superior flex fatigue resistance, thanks to the development of its innovative “Dual Core” hybrid cord technology. Platinum reaches the highest level of performance incorporating this cord in a new rubber matrix and teeth coated with a special and unique heavy-duty fabric. Platinum’s compound allows it to run at higher temperatures than urethane belts, and its teeth are construction to run at lower noise levels. By switching HVAC units from a v-belt drive to a synchronous drive, HVAC units use less energy and save on maintenance and repair costs.

Applications of Belts in the HVAC Industry

In the HVAC industry, belts play a critical role in equipment and systems used in a wide range of applications. Three examples are:

  • Air handlers. These system components facilitate the exchange, conditioning, and circulation of air as needed. They are available as air handling units (AHUs) for use in standard HVAC systems, rooftop units (RTUs) for outdoor use, and makeup air units for facilities that cannot tolerate the recirculation of interior air. V-belts generally find application in the blower drives of these units.
  • Cooling towers/evaporative condensers. Both cooling towers and evaporative condensers rely on the evaporation of water to remove heat from systems. V-belts facilitate these operations by helping drive the axial or centrifugal fan components that move air in, though, and out of the systems.
  • Clean room air handling units (CRAHUs). Cleanrooms provide an enclosed and contaminant-free space suitable for sensitive operations, such as semiconductor or medical device manufacturing. Air handling units ensure internal conditions—such as temperature, humidity, and pressure—remain within appropriate levels by drawing, circulating, filtering, and expelling air as needed. Similar to their use in other HVAC applications, V-belts are typically found in the blower drive units of these systems.

Quality Belt Design from Jason Industrial

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