By the nature of its use outdoors, lawn, garden and farm equipment must often handle demanding environmental conditions. Belts must be able to withstand significant temperature variations and prolonged exposure to high heat. They must also contend with dust and debris, which can quickly damage less durable belts. These factors, along with the need to withstand high shock loads and strong vibrations, make it essential for the belts to be especially durable.

Jason Industrial manufactures and distributes a full range of lawn, garden and farm equipment belts designed with these specific needs in mind. Our OEM replacement and premium general-purpose belts are compatible with most popular models and offer longevity, efficiency and superior performance. This page will address the functions, capabilities and benefits of our lawn, garden and farm equipment belts to help you identify the best fit for your application.

Function and Capabilities of Lawn & Garden Belts

High-quality, well-maintained belts are critical to any products’ performance. Mower drive and deck belts will vary in cost and performance, but the mower will benefit from heavy-duty belts that can cope with shock, vibration and environmental exposure.

Clutching applications, in particular, require dedicated, high-performance belts with covers designed for the clutching action. The right belt will provide smooth engagement reducing the grabbing effect that can cause accidental belt engagement.

Regardless of the specific belt, all of our belts are designed for durability in outdoor environments that are dust and oil resistant. Quality compounds and low stretch tensile reduce cracking or degrading in response to high loads or intense vibrations.

Benefits of Using Belts for Lawn & Garden Purposes

When selecting a replacement belt, it pays to invest in a belt that’s been specifically designed for a particular application. Lawn, garden and farm equipment belts have been carefully engineered to perform in outdoor applications, a design focus which affects every element of their production. Standard all-purpose belts can’t guarantee lasting performance under the unique constraints presented by this industry.

Jason Industrial’s belts offer the following features that enhance the performance of lawn care and agricultural equipment:

Resistance to Common Hazards

The operating conditions differ significantly from those of other industrial environments. Being used outdoors, the belts are more likely to be exposed to dust and other debris, and they are often used under very hot or very cold conditions. The equipment may also be stored outdoors or without climate control, increasing the duration of exposure to harsh environmental factors.  Our belts are built from durable materials that minimizes wear, brittleness, or cracking, despite being used in suboptimal conditions.

Tough Coverings

Our heavy-duty belts are equipped with a resilient outer covering to protect the rubber from heat and abrasion. These coverings are especially useful in clutching applications, but they will lend durability to any lawn & garden application.

Flexibility and Strength

Despite being tough enough to handle large loads, Jason Industrial’s lawn and garden belts are also flexible with high tensile strength. Inflexible belts perform worse in the long-term and are more prone to damage under normal operating conditions. Our belts have been tested extensively to verify their performance, ensuring they will work even in machines with backside idlers or other challenging applications.

Safety Measures

Since lawn and garden belts are built for operation in harsh conditions, safety is also a consideration in their design. Jason Industrial belts are constructed with premium materials to prevent hazardous malfunctions. The belts are also static dissipating, which makes them safe for use in potentially dangerous atmospheres.

Jason Industrial Belts

Jason Industrial offers a full line of belts designed to work in all applications.

  • MXV Heavy Duty Aramid Cord Belts. The MXV Heavy Duty line of belts represents our most advanced series of belts, ideal for high horsepower systems. Constructed with durable aramid cords, these belts have high tensile strength providing a long work life.
  • Standard Duty Poly Cord Belts. Highly durable, our standard-duty poly cord belts are ideal for less demanding general industry applications. Featuring natural and synthetic rubber with polyester cording for advanced performance, these belts are available at an affordable price point.
  • OEM Exact Replacement XP Belts. Our aramid and poly-cord belts present a high-performance stand-in for almost any OEM belt. For applications with specific constraints, we also offer replacement belts constructed to exact OEM specifications. We offer these belts when dealing with non-standard sizes or when other constraints make a custom design a better fit. Our catalog features a comprehensive cross-reference for OEM numbers and the corresponding Jason Industrial solution. Our team can also help you determine whether a custom replacement part is necessary in your situation.

Lawn & Garden and Farm Equipment Belts From Jason Industrial

Specific offerings within the broader categories listed above include the following:

  • MXV
  • Fractional Horsepower (FHP – 3L)
  • UniMatch Classical Multi-Plus A, B, C, D and E Sections
  • Centrifugal (PTO) Replacement Belts ACE / HYPRO
  • Double-V (Hexagonal) Classical AA, BB, CC
  • Cogged Raw Edge V-Belt AX, BX, CX
  • Accu-Link 3L, A, B, C
  • OEM Replacement Belts

In addition, Jason Industrial also carries a range of accessories designed to complement and support your belts. These include:

  • Display Racks
  • Sheave Gauge
  • Tension Gauge
  • Belt Measurer


Our belts promote optimal performance in applications such as:

  • Lawn Mowers – Riders and Push
  • Edgers, Tillers, Leaf Blowers
  • Snow Throwers
  • Farm Machinery
  • Electric Motors
  • General Industry
  • HVAC

To accommodate this wide variety of applications, belts are available in many different sizes and thicknesses, including lengths that correspond exactly to OEM belts.

To Learn More About Our Belts: Contact Jason Industrial Today

All applications feature unique challenges. Investing in premium, specialty belts protects systems from failure under difficult operating conditions and preserves the working life of your equipment. Jason Industrial understands the unique situations consumers face, and we’ve developed an extensive line of rubber and polyurethane belts to meet those needs.

Jason Industrial has a reputation built on quality and performance. We work with advanced synthetic materials that promise optimal results, especially when tailored to the needs of an individual industry. In special cases, we’ll even work with clients to tailor a product to their custom application, working with our partners from prototype to production to ensure that their needs are met. However specific your lawn and garden needs are, we’ll ensure that you’re matched with a suitable product as quickly and affordably as possible.

The quality of our customer service matches the quality of our products. Through Jason Industrial’s powerful global network of engineering and distribution partners, we are able to ship products across the world on your timeline. Our team is responsive and fully committed to understanding your needs.

To get started with Jason Industrial, we encourage you to download our catalog and cross-reference your OEM number with our suggested replacements. You can also request a quote to receive personal guidance.